Crown Financial Ministry is an interdenominational ministry with a mission to teach people God's financial principles.

Unfortunately, most Christians have been taught only God's principle of handling 10 percent of their income - the area of giving. Although this is crucial, they do not understand the Lord's perspective of handling the other 90 percent. In the Crown Study, you will learn what Scripture teaches about managing all your possessions.

This study is very practical. Each time you learn a principle, there is a financial exercise to help you apply what you have learned. The cost of the study is nominal. Students receive a manual, workbook, and a copy of Your Money Counts.

Surveys of Crown small group graduates have found that the study has a dynamic, life-changing impact. Individuals are now enjoying the freedom, contentment, and economic stability that comes from practicing a more disciplined and less consumptive lifestyle. As a result, marriages are strengthened and the graduates enter into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

The small group meets once a week for two hours. Approximately two hours of preparation are required outside of class each week. Students complete a homework assignment, memorize Scripture, and pray for one another daily.

Topics include:

Getting out of debt
Saving and Investing
Earning Money
Training Children
If you would like additional information about this program please call Bob and Carol Krumm at 673-1505 or you can call the Parish office and leave a message.