EucharistExtraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (Eucharistic minister) serves the Holy Name parish by assisting with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ. The next training for Eucharistic Ministers will be February 3rd at 1:00 p.m. and February 6th at 6:30 p.m in the church.

The Eucharistic minister should, in every way, demonstrate that they truly believe that this is not just bread and wine, but the very Body and Blood of the Risen Lord. In reality, the role of each Eucharistic minister is to draw faith from the people of God and to become more like the Body of Christ by strengthening their faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at Communion.

To understand why one should become a Eucharistic Minister, it is important to reflect on these thoughts:

Share in the work of the Lord's Spirit who makes of us one bread, one body, the cup of blessing. Minister Christ's Body and Blood to the Body of Christ, the Church. Minister holy food to holy people in the holiest of all communities. Those who serve as Eucharistic ministers should bring a strong faith, a sense of awe, and an inclusiveness of others as the foundation for their ministry. Each Eucharistic minister must be comfortable in establishing a relationship with each communicant in what is most likely the most intimate moment of the liturgy.

Training to become a Eucharistic minister is scheduled a couple of times at year and will be announced in the church's website and bulletin.

The Eucharistic Minister is given the opportunity to provide input into their individual schedules. Name, address, phone number, and Mass preference are collected from each Eucharistic Minister. Schedules are created on a quarterly basis by Terri Bare (307-672-2848) based upon this Mass preference information. Generally speaking, Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled once a month.

We are always eager to welcome new ministers to this ministry, for more information please contact Terri Bare in the parish office.

Pope Paul VI described the Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharistic thus:

"The faithful who are special ministers of Communion must be persons whose good qualities of Christian life, of faith and morals recommend them. Let them strive to be worthy of this great office, foster their own devotion to the Eucharist, and show an example to the rest of the faithful by their own devotion and reverence toward the most august sacrament of the altar." (Immensae caritatis, 1973)

Procedures for Eucharistic Ministers

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