September 2


7:00 am Mass HN

Intention: †Cesarina Bana

2:00 pm Mass @ Sheridan Manor

6:30pm Info. Night for KC Cub Scout Pack (KC Hall)



September 3


7:00 am Mass HN

Intention: †Erwin Kubsch

10:30 am Fr. Michael’s visit to the Greenhouse

12 Noon CCW Luncheon (PH)

6:30PM YDisciple Meeting for Parents lead by Fr. Brian
on the parental role in YDisciple in the Parish Hall.  



September 4



7:00 am Mass HN

Intention: Kadrmas Family ~ Special Intentions

12 Noon CCW Luncheon (PH)



September 5


link: Pray the Hours 

7:30 am Liturgy of the Hours (CH)

8:20 am Mass with HNCS (CH)

Intention: †Bill and †Kate Demchock

3:00 pm Mass @ Sugarland Ridge



September 6


8:00 am Mass HN
Intention: For recently deceased Parishioners and Relatives

8:30 am Men’s Bible Study (PC)

6:00 pm Mass HN
Intention: Olivia Gilbert ~ Special Intentions

(6:00 pm Story Intention: †Maryls Teigland)



September 7



8:00 am Mass HN

10:00 am Mass HN
Intention: †Cody Brinkerhoff

(10:00 am Ranchester Intention: †Ron Wolz)

1:30 pm Mass at the VA

4:00 pm Religious Education Classes Begin (CH)

5:30 pm Mass HN
Intention: †Joe and †Mark Toland

6:30pm Soup Supper (PH)



September 7-9



61st Annual WCCW State Convention


November 7-9



Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend
at the Ranch in Ucross



September 15-19



Lunch Together~Soup Kitchen: Holy Name


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