December 22

 7:00 am Mass HN
Intention: Olivia Gilbert ~ Special Intention

10:30 am Fr. Michael’s visit to West View

12:10 pm Mass HN
Intention: Veronica Talbert ~ Healing

 6:30 pm KC Bingo (KC Hall)

 6:30 pm Just Faith (PC)




December 23



 7:00 am Mass HN
Intention: †  Joe Evangeline

 12:10 pm Mass HN
Intention: †  Clarence & †  Helen Cates

2:00pm to 6:00pm Knights of Columbus Blood Drive

Contact Ken Weber 763-7436 for more details. (KC Hall)

2:00 pm Mass @ Sheridan Manor




December 24


     Christmas Eve ~Parish Office Closed


10:30 am Fr. Michael’s visit to the Greenhouse

5:30 pm Mass HN
Intention: †  Barbara Hix

 8:00pm Mass HN
Intention: †  Martha Westika


Midnight Mass HN
Intention: †  Alec Olson

(Story 6:00 pm Intention: †  Justin O’Dell)

(Ranchester 6:30pm Intention: †  Parishioners)




December 25


          Christmas ~ Parish Office Closed


8:00 am Mass HN
Intention: †  Fred & † Lorraine Raether

 10:00 am Mass HN
Intention: †  James & †  Matilda Goar

(Ranchester 10:00 am Intention: David Rojo ~ Healing)



December 26


        Parish Office Closed

 7:30 am Liturgy of the Hours (CH)

8:20 am Mass HN
Intention: †  Al & †  Jeanne Burleson

3:00 pm Mass @ Sugarland Ridge



December 27



8:00 am Mass HN  Blessing of Anniv. Couples
Intention: †  Charles Toner

8:30 am Men’s Bible Study (PC)

 6:00 pm Mass HN
Intention: †  Barbara Hix

(Story 6:00 pm Intention:  †  Marlys Teigland)



December 28



     No Sunday Preschool/Religious Ed

 8:00 am Mass HN
Intention: Max & Arlene Unseld ~ Happy 51st Anniversary

 10:00 am Mass HN
Intention: †  Erwin Kubsch

(Ranchester 10:00 am Intention: Family Members)

1:30 pm Mass at the VA

 4:00 pm RCIA (CH)

 5:30 pm Mass HN
Intention: Parishioners


January 4th


1pm Epiphany Dinner


January 7th
6pm CCW Evening Social
January 18th
10am YDisciple Big Group Activity
January 25th
1pm Open Parish Mtg. (PH)
January 27th
7pm Symbolon (PH)
February 8th
7pm Beast Feast (KC Hall)