Home Visits

Holy Name Catholic Community

Outreach/Home Visit Ministry

We, the Holy Name Parish Community, as the living Body of Christ present here today in Sheridan, have a special opportunity for Lay participation in Ministry. There is a portion of our Parish Community who are no longer able to go out of their homes to go to Mass on a regular basis; we wish to assure these parishioners that they remain an important part of our faith community. The faithful who are ill or home-bound are deprived of their rightful and accustomed place in the Eucharistic community. In bringing communion to them, the minister of communion represents Christ and manifests faith and charity on behalf of the whole community toward those who cannot be present at the Eucharist. For the sick, the reception of communion is not only a privilege but also a sign of support and concern shown by the Christian community for its members who are ill.

The Outreach/Home Visit Ministry of Holy Name was established as a team of caring volunteer ministers who address the need for visiting the sick or homebound, whether they are still in their own homes, in the hospitals, or in our nursing homes or assisted living facilities. It is their privilege to bring Jesus to the homebound through visits and by bringing the Holy Eucharist to these special parishioners.

There are different types of care that are ministered:

Home Visits and Phone Visits

Bringing Communion Weekly

Hospital ministry

Assisting a priest at weekly Mass offered at nursing homes or assisted living

Most volunteers are commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. They are required by the diocese to have a Background Check and attend the diocesan Safe Environment Training. The Safe Environment Training is offered as needed by Parish Staff. Training and support are also provided by the Outreach Coordinator so that Volunteers feel confident as they begin their ministry.

For further information about the Outreach Ministry of Holy Name, to volunteer, or to sign up someone to be visited please contact Tracy McClurg, 673-4917 or 751-7398.