Lector Ministry


Lectors proclaim God's word at the Liturgy of the Word at the Mass. The next trainings for lectors will be January 27 at 1:00 and 30th at 6:30 in the church.

Usually, a lector's responsibilities include proclaiming one or both of the readings that precede the Gospel, and the Prayer of the Faithful for the Eucharistic Liturgy (the Mass). Lectors may also make general announcements after Mass.

Training to become a lector is scheduled a couple of times a year and will be announced on the church's website and bulletin.

Who can become a lector? Members of this ministry include men and women of various ages, backgrounds, and marital status.

What are the qualifications necessary to be a lector? The ability to stand before the congregation and proclaim the message of the Word of God in a clear, articulate, and well-modulated voice with proper enunciation and pronunciation, so that the Word of God is heard and understood by the assembly.

May I choose which Mass time I would most like to have? When you decide you would like to participate in this ministry, you will be asked about your preferences. A quarterly lector schedule is published on Holy Name parish's web site and a few copies will be available in the church.

Procedures for Lectors

If you have any questions or would like to become a lector at Holy Name, please contact the office.

Current schedule here