Music Ministry

Music MinistryHave you caught yourself humming? Is there a song in your heart, and a bit of you on your lips that won't stay there? Perhaps you belong in one of the cantor groups which lead the congregation in song at the Sunday liturgies.

Check out the various cantor groups/choirs at our parish:


Are you an adult who would like to join a singing group? There are currently a few groups that sing at different Sunday morning Masses, once a month.


If you would like to sing occasionally, we would love to have you, too! Holy Days, Christmas, Easter, and special occasions are Masses within which you could share your talents.


We are looking for people to play the organ, piano, guitar, and percussion instruments. Are any of these your talents?


Do you feel that you have the talent and ability to lead a group? If you play an instrument, and would like to form a new cantor group, please let us know.

Remember, if you are most comfortable singing out in the congregation, that's great, that's wonderful! God is listening, and He knows what gift He has given you. He knows "that to sing is to pray twice."

For more information, please contact the Parish Office, 672-2848