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Pray with Pope Francis:

August Intentions:

That refugees, forced by violence to abandon their homes, may find a generous welcome and the protection of their rights.

That Christians in Oceania may joyfully announce the faith to all the people of that region.


The Assumption of the Blessed Mother

Powerful in deed and Word are You,
         Heavenly Father. As Jesus said,
         "He who puts his hand to the plow
         and looks back is not worthy of the Kingdom."
         Help us to see Your Light
         and hear You in the silent sound.
         And let Your Mantle cover us, so that we,
         like Elijah's ox bear heavy burdens no more.
         Like Christ, Paul offered to empty himself,
         if possible forfeiting his reward.
         Like Elijah who prayed, but this is not
         the kind of produce You want, Father.
         Sealing the deal with our reward
         only sweetens Your ultimate take.

         Father, your mouth shall kiss its fill.
         Our life is with Christ.
         We are finer than any earthly metal.
         We are seated to rejoice and dine.
         Still we appear here, so that, for now, like our Mother, the Blessed Virgin,

         we might glorify the Lord and multiply your treasure bountifully. Amen.

                Saint Bonaventure


      Heavenly Father, this Devout Doctor was called

      Seraphic after St. Francis for his deepening

      Love for all things in a distinctly Franciscan way.

      Being in his presence redefined what it meant to be

      Christian throughout the days of his earthly life.

      Help us to do the same as we imitate Jesus in our

      own Way. In these days of Pope Francis,

      Provide for us all we need to love all on earth

      who are individually poor, but corporately

      Divine in Jesus Christ. In his name we always pray.





               St. Augustine of Canterbury

     Heavenly Father,
     Your servant, St. Augustine of Canterbury was made
     an Apostle to England despite his initial fear of the Anglo Saxons.
     There he was eventually ordained Bishop.
     He converted many to Christianity.
     He fed your flock with pure Spiritual milk to salvation (1 Pet 2:2),
     seeing that they were washed clean by the Word. (Eph 5:26)
     He endeavored patiently unto every good work in godliness (2 Tim 3:17),
     and showed us how to use Spiritual gifts to profit everyone (1 Cor 12:7).

     Help us to do the same here today.
     In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.




               Saint Philip of Neri     

       Heavenly Father, your servant St. Philip of Neri
     tended the flock by gently leading them to You.
     He furthered the growth of your Kingdom
     through the Spirit by tailoring his message like an artist,

     allowing individuals to respond in their conscience.
     He sacrificed himself like bread on Your altar.
     For Rome; for the people he persevered.
     By faith he invested himself wholeheartedly
     in lofty ambitions, paying no attention to distractions.
     He flung the trappings of this world to the air
     like a game for your pleasure, King Jesus.
     Help us do likewise as was preordained. 

     In your Name we always pray. Amen.



           St. Rita of Cascia

      Heavenly Father, Saint Rita reflected your image

      and furthered your Kingdom in a special way.  

      She, as a student of the teachings

      and discipline of St. Augustine,

      followed his teachings “To the Letter”

      and her life stands as a testament to Christendom.

      She forgave her husband for being violent

      And You demonstrated approval of her

      Through a stigmata like Jesus’ suffering

      at the hands of his own people.

      Give us the encouragement and ability to glorify you

      Today as we seek to imitate Him too, according to

      Your perfect plan, in your Son’s name we pray. Amen.



                    St. Cristóbal Magallanes and Companions


     Heavenly Father, Fr. Magallanes and 24 friends

     imitated Christ here on earth
     By surrendering their lives to the ultimate sacrifice.

     Help us to lose our lives in our own way,
     For Christ’s sake, and thereby find it in Him.
     Welcome us with them into your Kingdom
     along with all of those You chose before

     the foundation of the world.

     We pray that we may be examples for others to imitate

     and worthy of the name 'Christian,' the name You gave us.
     We thank You for giving us all that we need

     for the fullness of your Divine will.
     Inspire in us the same instant forgiveness demonstrated

     by these 25 martyrs, shown by Christ towards his persecutors

     on the day of His crucifixion. Lead us and guide us through

     the Holy Spirit, and give us strength not to be fooled

     by appearances, but rather reveal to us the best option,

     in the moment of each day.
     So that we too might be dressed in the bright linen of good works
     along with these Saints, Martyrs for You.
     This we will do in our own way according to Your plan
     According to the Name of Jesus which we all bear. Amen.





             Saint Bernardine

     Heavenly Father, allow us to honor you

     as we call to mind St. Bernardine

     Whom you blessed and in turn blessed us

     with the Most Holy Name of Jesus (IHS).

     Inspire in us the same perseverance in

     evangelization that moved him to preach

     Your Name in unfailing devotion.

     Help us proclaim Your Kingdom in accordance with

     Your pure and perfect will. Feed us with the Bread of Life,

     and remind us of Your Word.  Impress it upon our heart

     along with your Sacred Name. Inscribe it on our homes

     and chambers to your glory for the sake of

     Salvation of souls. Lead us and guide us to always hold high

     The Most Holy Name of Jesus, in Your Name we pray.  





        >>Saint Isidore the Farmer

            Saint Matthias


     Heavenly Father,we honor You today,

     remembering St. Matthias.
     When Judas' office needed filling, through your mercy
     and by your Grace, You replaced him.
     Matthias faithfully proclaimed your Word and won disciples
     to gain nations that were formerly not Your own

     through Jesus' sacrifice, the Firstborn of all creation.

     Grant us gifts for evangelization.
     For we know that it is sharing the Truth about Life

     that makes us treasure in Your Kingdom. Amen.



            Sts. Nereus, Achilleus and Pancras

     Heavenly Father, Today we seek sustanance of martyrs
     such as Sts. Nereus, Achilleus and Pancras.
     Empower us to bring glory to your Kingdom among us.
     They rejected worldliness of family and society.
     and would not offend You or cling to temporal things.
     With the Light of your only Son,
     they honor you with ultimate sacrifices.
     Make of us living offerings that please you, Father.
     We encourage one another always to acknowledge you,
     Almighty God, Giver of Light, Lord of All Creation.
     In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.




                 Saint Damien de Veuster

       Heavenly Father, Today we see Saint

       Damien de Veuster brought glory to

       your Name by bringing comfort to the sick

       in a far-away place.
       Give us the same mission Spirit, so that we
       will ask, seek, and persevere unto completion.
       Like St. Damien we will, in our time succeed in

       bringing to the four corners of the earth

       what is needed, the peace and grace

       of Jesus Christ.  Send us as you sent Him.
       In his Name we always pray.




             Saints Philip and James

       Heavenly Father,

       Please enable us to build on the sturdy foundations

       laid by Saints Philip and James.

       Like Philip, we seek knowledge and revelation.

       To him the Lord Jesus confided,

       "I and the Father are One."

       Lord, you taught us with him;

       as followers of Christ we are grains of wheat

       and must die to the world and ourselves

       so that we may bear much fruit.

       With the help of the Holy Spirit

       we peer into the perfect law of freedom

       and the Word of Jesus.

       By investing our faith we lay hold of the Kingdom and Eternal Life.

       Empower us to feed others ourselves as the Disciples did.

       Help us to lead others to Christ like James. May we listen well

       and receive in our hearts the Truth of Christ in Jesus Name.




                 Saint Athanasius

       Heavenly Father, we know that our age,
       like that of Saint Athanasius is riddled
       with divisions and heresies. We too
       acknowledge that Jesus Christ is fully God.
       Although he served as its Archbishop, our Saint
       had to leave Alexandria five times,
       exiled by the Arians who insisted that Jesus
       only walked in the power of an ordinary man.
       Like the prophet Jeremiah, Athanasius was
       imprisoned in the bottom of a well.

       There he perfected Your worship,
       in the form of prayer and supplication.
       Lord, God, be in everything we do, so that
       we too might persevere to the glory of Your Name,
       forgiving crowds of others who might divert us
       from Thy Will, and thus grieve the Holy Spirit.
       With Christ among us, we are assured of victory,
       having all we need. We thank you, Lord
       for leading us, doing all we do in Your midst.
       And so we always pray in your name,
       Jesus Christ. Amen.




               Saint Catherine of Siena

     Heavenly Father, today we thank you for the powerful
     Witness in Christ of Saint Catherine of Siena.
     Help us to learn from and build upon her example and
     Labors for mystical Spouse, Jesus Christ.
     While our zeal and piety may show through in youth,
     As they did for Catherine, determined in her spiritual growth,
     She developed complete dedication to You.
     Inspire in us this same identification with God
     That she felt that led her desire to be:
     "alone with the Alone" as she put it,
     So that we too will become aware of Your tender love
     And our need to love you in return.
     For us, as it did for our Saint, it will inspire us
     To turn to others with compassion and charitable works.
     We know that you will give us all we need to bear fruit
     And multiply, as we too bear witness for Christ.
     In whose Name we pray. Amen.


    >>Saint Pope John Paul II Daily Devotion



        Saint Louis de Montfort

Heavenly Father, like many of us, St. Louis chose
to come to you through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.
It was she, the Queen of Angels, Queen of Saints who said,
"Do whatever he tells you."

In his journey to grow ever closer to you through Christ,
St. Louis is the originator of the the phrase:
Totus Tuus which St. Pope John Paul II also used
In his diligent devotion to be "Totally Yours."
Help us to, in our own way to find rest in You,

O God, although we are all met with challenges.
"We will have tribulation in this world"
But we accept victory in the Lord who has overcome it.

We are also assured that never has anyone who
sought the intercession of the Mother of Disciples
been left unaided. We place our trust in You,
with Whom all is possible

We ask that we too may labor to your eternal glory
as we cooperate with one another and with You to
Build upon the work of the Saints
that have come before us (Eph 4:12)
In Jesus Name we ask. Amen.

Click here for the Total Consecration to the Lord Jesus

through Mother Mary by St. Louis de Montfort



                           The Memorare

    REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary,

    that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection,

    implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided.

    Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee,

    O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come;

    before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.

    O Mother of the Word Incarnate,

    despise not my petitions,

    but in thy mercy hear and answer me.




                        St. Mark the Evangelist

Heavenly Father, Grant us the obedience, perseverance

and attention to detail of St. Mark.
He serves through composition of your Word.
His Gospel is still making disciples of many nations.
Help us to persevere despite trials and opposition of this world
As we make manifest the light of grace through faith in You.
We thank you today for the chapters through which
Christ comes alive to us personally.
It is our earnest desire to be called your friends.

We want to emulate the faithfulness of the Son of Man
As we rediscover the Truth in the pages he wrote.
Empower us to walk as he did according to Your plan,
And persevere, never giving up, even when we
Appear to disagree with other members of our family in Christ.

With your help we reconcile with brothers and sisters

And cling to our loved ones held together the concrete of love,
In our labor of building up living stones.
To bring us to yourself, You sent your Son,

To teach us and to show us your Love.
We are likewise sent into the world, but not of it.
As we go forth to welcome others into new life in Jesus Christ,
In whose Name we pray, Amen.

     >>St. Mark from Butler's on




                   St. Gerard              


Heavenly Father, today we thank you for St. Gerard.
Although he was no doubt greatly afflicted upon the loss
of his mother when she was struck by a cruel lightning blow, 
he never turned away from you, O Lord.
Dear Lord, instill in us the same devotion that sprung forth
within him, to the glorify of your Name.
With the help of your grace, empower us too to pour ourselves 
as living sacrifices, and drink offerings, into the life 
that you planned for us since before the beginning of time.
This Bishop Gerard did so by poring over scriptures and
the Lives of the Saints until his eyes found rest each night.
Allow us, too, to build upon his lifetime of careful labors 
progressing diligently to honor you.
After more than thirty years in the office of the Bishopric,
in his last hour he expressed the sentiment
of adherence to the works of life in the Spirit
Give us more grace to correct and improve our will 
by virtue in response to his total acceptance of 
Jesus Christ our perfect example,
in whose Name we always pray, Amen

           >> St. Gerard from Butler's Lives of the Saints on



               St. Leonides  

Heavenly Father, today we thank you for your servant St. Leonides.
This father of Origen would kiss his baby in his crib as
Your Tabernacle, the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Please instill
In us this same reverence and respect for life,
Your own light inside of every one of your children.
Thank you for granting that we too may be adopted
If only we believe in your Word.
Give us a Spirit of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding
Grant us too the Fear of the Lord, that inspires
Such tremendous zeal for piety. Young Origen, Leonides'
'Diamond,' could not meet with the martyrdom he desired,
So he entreated his father by letter to have courage to the end.
This he did when he entered into Your rest. He would not recant his
Faith in You at the hands of Emperor Severus in the year 202.
Lord, help us to give of ourselves in an acceptable manner,
And to live a life pleasing to you as Jesus taught. Make us confident
That there is no end to fulfillment of life in Christ, our Risen Lord.
Who draws us all to himself, In his Name we pray, Amen.


>>St. Leonides in Butler's from Bartelby

>>St. Leonidas and the Seven Virgins, Martyrs



                    Saint Anselm

    Heavenly Father, today we cast our eyes upon heaven,
    Seeing the example of your Son reflected in St. Anselm.
    Although as a youth he was unfocused, unsubmitted, adolescent,
    He became a kind and gentle worker in Your harvest field.
    Help us O Lord to be caught up in spiritual renewal this Spring.
    We rediscover new life in Christ during a fresh season of continual growth

    We celebrate Resurrection in You.

    Although Anselm was forced into leadership against his will,

    He found reprieve later in voluntary exile. Enable us now to come together

    As a Church, members of the Body of Christ

    Make us to rally around Jesus' Sacred Heart, Father.

    Help us to imitate the Master who knows how to retreat into your Presence,

    and to go out to others in service at the appropriate times.

    Enlighten us, as you did Anselm, as to how we all agree

    with your Divine Will as we work together acting out our heartfelt faith

    as well as love of neighbor in building up the living Church.

    In Jesus Name, Amen.



    Blessed James Oldo

    Heavenly Father, you gave us Blessed James Oldo,
    an example of dramatic conversion.

    You welcomed him into your rest after
    having felt the conviction of grieving you Lord,

    he repented of an overly indulgent lifestyle.
    Help us to respond to the abundance you provide
    with gratitude and charity as You would have us.

    It is our heart's desire to be led to repent
    as soon as possible so as to prevent provoking You
    to jealousy through our presumption on your forbearance
    or by wounding Christ again through contempt

     to our own harm, since we are His members.

    Help us to glorify You

    by receiving the greater spiritual gifts

    and by not forgetting our fellow man,

    but rather embracing them through brotherly kindness,

    as our brother Blessed James Oldo did.

    In Jesus Name we ask, Amen.



               Blessed Caesar de Bus

    Heavenly Father, As Jesus teaches

Through the Parable of the Lost Sheep,
Rejoicing in Heaven shows us

That a sinner who repents Glorifies to your Name.
Lord, help us to bring needed reconciliation
And healing To our neighbors.
Instruction in righteousness by your Word
Is made present today with your help, O God.
This is according to your pure and perfect will.
Help us to forgive and be merciful as you are merciful.
Remind us, as you did Blessed Caesar de Bus
That you will never forsake your own child.

Through his Christ-like example we can still

Turn to you and be forgiven

You are able to take us although we are sinners
When we repent to use us for good.
Thank you, Lord God.
In Jesus Name, Amen.



                  Saint Bénézet   

Heavenly Father, You saw fit

to give France Saint Bénézet.

His humble beginning did not prevent

him from doing great things for the people

of Avignon. His mission was accompanied

by many miracles. You even proved the piety

of your servant by preserving his body

incorrupt after it was washed

out of the bridge he built for You.

Lord help us to connect distant shores.

Make us like St. Bénézet who would not

consider failure as a possibility.

>>Link: to read about St. Bénézet in Butler's on Bartleby

In our service to you enable us

to offer assistance to the Chief Shepherd

as we respond to our respective missions

and unite us according to the prayer of Jesus

as we are sent to every nation

to make disciples by sharing in the High Priesthood

of Jesus Christ in whose name we pray.




              St. Bishop Stanislaus, Martyr

Heavenly Father, you gave Poland your servant Stanislaus in 1030.
Help us to imitate the example of the Bishop of Krakow that

You saw fit to install. We also ask that you enlighten the hearts and

Guide the hands of all the leaders in our Church and in the Nation.
Help us to be like him in his imitation of Jesus by making the

Poor richer and by preaching Your Word.
Like Your Son he counted his life as nothing,

Calling the king on his corruption as John did of Herod.
After the unrepenant king was excommunicated he poured out the

Life of good Bishop Stanislaus like a drink offering.
Help us to love each other with Your Love, God in

Ways suitable for our time and place. Amen.




Saint John Baptist De La Salle

Heavenly Father, St. John Baptist De La Salle

faced opposition from within
and still accomplished many good works for You

in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.

In imitation of Him, our Saint would not accept the privileges

of position and material wealth.
Instead he did the work as he saw fit

for Your Kingdom, God Almighty.

With your help, O God,

he did what he wanted to do:
Helping the poor, schooling your children,

and focusing on the ones who had trouble following Jesus

and fitting in with all the rules of the world.

Fighting through obstacles from those

who opposed his successful methods he has blazed
for us a trail that does not accept failure

when those who follow the status quo,
due to their own agendas, hardened hearts

or worldly concerns, just don’t know.

Empower us Father to be like our brother, St. John Baptist De La Salle.
With your help we more than conquer those who would be our enemies.

Praying for and making friends with them, we store up for us treasure in heaven.

We ask this in your Son’s Name, Father. Amen.



Saint Isidore of Seville

           Heavenly Father, in your infinite wisdom,

           You gave us your servant, Saint Isidore.

           It was during a time of great turmoil in Spain.

           Lord help us today to be like him,

           Who with his tremendous zeal and hard work,

           This Doctor of the Church produced

           works for the glory of your Name

           in the sciences, history, and theology.

           That is why we claim the dear Bishop

           as our patron of school children and the Internet.

           We remember, Lord, it was in April

           that St. Isidore invited many poor

           To his house, and clothed in sackcloth, begged Your forgiveness,

           He remitted the charges of all his debtors.

           He gave away to the poor all the material that he had left.

           He asked for the prayers of all present. On the fourth day of April he inherited his reward.

           We thank You, O God in Jesus Name. We also ask that we might resemble Christ

           as your dear St. Isidore did, in a way that is suitable for our time and situation.






Saint Francis of Paola


           Heavenly Father, Saint Francis of Paola found

           Your love so attractive and all-encompassing that he

           retreated to the privacy of his own solitary chambers.

           Having drawn closer to You, he heard you calling him

           to his Mission of St. Francis of Assisi to assist his brothers.

           His ardent focus and diligent seeking after You, O God,

           kept him from being corrupted by the world.

           His love for You, Father, and his love for your children,

           sisters and brothers of the Firstborn of all creation

           compelled him outward to bring others into Your fold and embrace.

           Lord, help us to discern when to reach out to others

           and when to lean solely on You and your pure and perfect love.

           Amen. In the Name of Christ Jesus,

           the only Righteous One we ask this. Amen.





Saint Catharine of Bologna


           Heavenly Father, today we thank you
           for the powerful witness in Christ
           Saint Catharine of Bologna has given.
           Although, like the other Poor Clares

           she was buried without a coffin,
           You chose to preserve her incorruptible.
           Please give us the ability to glorify You.
           Give us a chance to through the creative arts
           to knit together good works with the fragrace of Jesus
           through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

           It was her decision to "hold Your hand,"
           walking the right path along the way of life.
           Help us to fulfill your perfect plan for our lives,
           that we might always find ourselves
           "in the palm of Your hand."




Prayer of the Annunciation

Holy Spirit, You spoke to Mary through an angel
to invite her to participate in the plan of salvation.
Though she questioned how it was possible for her
to become the mother of the Messiah, and she knew
she faced rejection from Joseph and others,
she gave You her yes. I want to become fully willing

to say yes to my part in giving Christ to the world.

Encourage me when I don't understand

what You're asking. Bless me with the grace

of hearing the call and the courage to trust in Your plan.

Let it be done unto me according to Your will.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for me.




St. Catherine of Genoa

           Heavenly Father,

           today we emulate the reflection of Christ
           as seen through the powerful example

          of your servant St. Catherine of Genoa.
          we see in her our great potential

          as an example of a God-fearing spouse.




Help us, as the Bride of Christ, to be faithful,

free from the idolatrous and adulterous distractions

of the world and the flesh.

Saint Catherine experienced

a dramatic conversion during Confession.
It resulted in her turning to the Lord

and never relenting in her heaven-ward journey.
Make us fruitful like her, Dear Lord, so that
our example of repentance might not cease

on Easter Sunday. Rather let it increase

so that through the petty sufferings

of our modest efforts we may invest them like

golden talents of good and faithful servants
so that your Glory might ever increase.

Through our works in faith
make of and for us treasure to glorify your Name
like St. Catherine of Genoa did of herself,

her husband Julian, and all who hear of her.
So too does Jesus for all who follow him.
In his name we humbly ask and pray.



St. Joseph Prayer

O Saint Joseph, we pray to you for those
who are out of work, for those who want to earn
their living or support their families.

You who are the patron of workers;
grant that unemployment may vanish from our ranks;
that all those who are ready to work

may put their strength and abilities
in serving their fellowmen and earn a just salary.

You are the patron of families;
do not let those who have children to support

and raise lack the necessary means.
Have pity on our brothers and sisters held down
in unemployment and poverty

because of sickness or social disorders.

Help our political leaders and captains of industry find new and just solutions.
May each and every one have the joy of contributing, according to his abilities,
to the common prosperity by an honorable livelihood.

Grant that we may all share together in the abundant goods
God has given us and that we may help underprivileged countries.

>>Link: 30 Days Prayer from EWTN


Prayer to the Sacred

Heart of Jesus

O most holy heart of Jesus,

fountain of every blessing,

I adore you, I love you,

and with lively sorrow for my sins I offer you

this poor heart of mine.

Make me humble, patient, pure

and wholly obedient to your will.

Grant, Good Jesus, that I may live in you and for you.

Protect me in the midst of danger.

Comfort me in my afflictions.

Give me health of body,

assistance in my temporal needs,

your blessing on all that I do,

and the grace of a holy death. Amen.



Prayer to Encounter God Frequently in Prayer

Heavenly Father, let me realize that, like all prayer,

prayer of petition is primarily a means

of encountering you and being sustained by you.

You know what we need because you are a loving Father

who watches over us at every moment.

Yet you respect our freedom

and wait for us to express our needs to you.

Let me have frequent recourse to you in prayer

so that I will purify my intentions

and bring my wishes into conformity with your own.

Let me pray with fixed formulas

as well as in my own words, whether they be long or short.

Above all, let me come before you

with a heart moved by your Spirit

and a will ready to conform to your holy will.




              Prayer to Christ in the World

       Lord Jesus,
       let us realize that every action of ours no matter how small

       or how worldly enables us to be in touch with you.

       Let our interest lie in created things -
       but only in absolute dependence upon your presence in them.

       Let us pursue you and you alone through the reality of created things.

       Let this be our prayer - to become closer to you
       by becoming more human.

      Let us become a tree branch on the vine that is you,

      a branch that bears much fruit.

      Let us accept you in our lives

      in the way it pleases you to come into them:

      as Truth,

      to be spoken,
      as Life, to be lived,
      as Love, to be followed,
      as Joy, to be given:
      as Peace, to be spread
      as Sacrifice, to be offered;

      among our relatives and friends,

      among our neighbors and all people.

From the New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book,

Catholic Book Publishing Co. New York 1999



Act of Hope

O my God, relying on Your almighty power and infinite mercy and promises,

I hope to obtain pardon of my sins, the help of Your grace and life everlasting,

through the merits of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Redeemer. Amen.

(As found in the Baltimore Catechism)





A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine



Heavenly Father, Your Son taught us

"Blessed are the Peacemakers for

they shall be called Children of God"

At this hour, we fervently pray

that Your Holy Spirit may

inspire men and women

in Ukraine to become Peacemakers.

May they seek reconciliation

and dialogue and end

the violent confrontation and killing.

May they restore tranquility

to their nation

and restore human rights,

democratic principles



and religious liberty

to their troubled land.

God, our Father, we beseech You

to comfort the suffering, heal the

wounded and accept the souls of the

departed into Your Heavenly Kingdom.

And may the Most Holy

Mother of God, extend her

Blessed Mantle of Protection

over Ukraine.

And may each of us always

live our lives

as instruments of Your Peace.





                      Let us pray:

        For Francis our Pope, Paul our Bishop, James our pastor and all the clergy, with the people entrusted to their charge.

        For those who hold public office and those who assist them in promoting the common good.

        For those who travel by sea, land, or air, for captives and all held in prison.

        For the elderly and sick of our parish that they may be strengthened by our love of them as brothers and sisters.