Religious Education classes for grades K-7 are now in session.

  Our first class was Sunday, Sept 7.  Even if the first class was missed, students are still welcome to attend.  Registration forms and schedules can be picked up at the Pastoral Center or you can register your children before class on Sunday.  All students are asked to meet in the Holy Name School cafeteria at 4PM on Sundays for a prayer and announcements and then will be dismissed to their classrooms at 4:15PM.  They can be picked up from their classrooms at the 5:15PM dismissal time.  Contact Stacy Preszler at 751-4922 with any questions.



>>Calendar for First Months

of Religious Education(S,O,N,D)


>>Calendar for the Last Months of Religious Education (J,F,M,A)

Thank You
to everyone who has volunteered to help with
Religious Education classes.We now have enough catechists
and classroom aides for each grade!  I appreciate everyone’s
willingness and commitment to our youth.  It’s a wonderful
show of support to our youth when they see their parish family
participating and sharing their faith.  Thank you for your
continued help and support! –Stacy Preszler


Input for Preschool Cateshesis at Holy Name

Preschool catechesis will be offered for Holy Name
children ages 3-5 years old.  Classes will start in Oct.
and will be organized by Jeanne Konkel.  We would
like input from families who are interested in having
their children participate in this program.  Would it be
more convenient to have your child attend preschool
catechesis during the 10:00AM Sunday morning Mass
or the 5:30PM Sunday evening Mass?  Since our religious
education classes for grades K-7 will be Sunday afternoons
from 4:00-5:15, we realize many families may then stay for the 5:30 evening Mass.
Therefore, we would be willing to move our preschool class to that Mass so that families
with children of varying ages may take advantage of opportunities for all of their children. 
Please let us know what you think.  Contact Jeanne Konkel at 655-5315
or Stacy Preszler at 751-4922 with ideas and input.  Thank You!


YDisciple is Catholic Youth Ministry!

YDisciple is a Catholic Youth Ministry that will be offered

for our parish youth in Grades 8-12 starting in September

2014.  The goal of this program is to work with our youth

in small group settings and mentor them on how to be con-

fident Catholics and Disciples of Christ. YDisciple will replace

all previous catechesis and youth group functions for our teens.  

Parental  involvement  is imperative if we are to make this re-

markable program successful for our teens.  Parents with youth

in this age group are invited and encouraged to attend.





Grant, O Lord,
that we may always revere and love your Holy Name,
for you never deprive of your guidance
those you set firm on the foundation of your love