Thrift Store

345 East Burkitt Ave
Open Mon & Tues - 8am - 4 pm
Open Sat 9am - 3 pm
Phone: 674-8806

Mission Statement:

-To be of assistance to the less fortunate in the community and surrounding area by providing clothing and necessities at a reasonable cost.
-To provide an outlet for the community to dispose of useable items.
-Money generated from sales is secondary - not our primary mission.

The Thrift Shop is able to fulfill its Mission Statement thanks to the hard working volunteers, who over the last 39 years have kept the Thrift Shop open. We have two ladies who are second generation Thrift Shop volunteers. They are Barbara Obert Belus and Charlotte Bergman Ekwall. At present, there are 40 dedicated ladies and some helping husbands volunteering.

The Thrift Shop serves the people in the community with many donations of clothing and used items at a nominal fee. Donations made to our parish, community, diocese, other towns and states include: VOA Homeless Shelter, Senior Center, Normative Services, Gabriel's Closet, Catholic Social Services, Wyoming Girls School, Holy Name Catholic School/Pre-school/Daycare, Holy Name Scholarship Fund, and the Dog and Cat Shelter. The Thrift Shop funds are used to maintain the Parish Hall and the supplies used for hospitality in the Parish Hall.

All volunteers have general rules to follow. There are guidelines for sorters, cashiers, and truck drivers. Every volunteer will need to complete a background check through the Diocese of Cheyenne. This background check is paid by the Thrift Shop funds.

The Thrift Shop began in November of 1962 as a new project that became a successful business venture. Organized by the Apostolic Committee of the Altar & Rosary Society, the project was headed by Mrs. James Fugate (Lewis) and May Rowland. The purpose of the committee was to solicit, sort, and price items to be sold at the Thrift Shop. An empty house belonging to the parish was used on a one year trial basis. Following advertising in the parish bulletin, clothes were brought in by parishioners, some on consignment, some donated. The first day's sales was $29.60. The shop grossed $769.77 in a period of 6 months.

To volunteer to work in the Thrift Shop please call Jean Byrtus at 672-2176 or stop in at the Thrift Shop during open hours and talk to the ladies.