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YDisciple groups for teens in grades 8-12 began meeting again in September. Meetings take place away from the church in a more relaxed atmosphere. Family homes are one suggestion as to a meeting place. If you are interested in being a part of YDisciple or would be willing to open your home and have a private room where a meeting can take place, please let myself or your child’s ydisciple leader know. Even if you were unable to make the information session and you have questions or would like your teen to participate, please contact Stacy Preszler at 672-2848 or 751-4922. Thank you!


Schwan's Fundraiser for WYD 2016

Just a reminder that our Schwan’s fundraiser is still in progress with proceeds benefiting World Youth Day 2016. Yellow cards are available at each church entrance with the information to participate. Orders must be placed by phone or online, but can still be delivered to your doorstep. You will need the campaign ID and fundraiser ID (located on the info card). Thank you to all those who have regularly participated, your support is greatly appreciated!


This trip is scheduled for July 18-Aug 3 2016 and will include experiences in Lithuania, Auschwitz, Krakow and other areas of interest. The cost is $4595 per person and we currently have 2 students signed up to go.

For more information contact at 672-2848 x118 or the pilgrimage coordinators:
Amy Larsen, 307-638-1530 or
Cameron Smith, 307-632-5872.

Download Pilgrimage Brochure and Registration HERE
(group log-in ID is 16016.)

World Youth Day Fundraising Activities Time Sheets